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Hello Dog Lovers!


After many hours of computer work I proudly present my new homepage

introducing my Border- Collie Kennel including the latest pictures of our new



View numerous adorable Border Collie puppies under “fotos”.


If you are interested please send me a mail under “kontakt”,

or - best of all – just CALL me. I feel a personal talk is becoming more and more precious in our crazy era dominated by technology.


So please call    0173 – 2955222


Please speak`s a long time ago since I learned English in school... but I`ll do my very best...;-)


 The following pages will show you my Border Collie Kennel

“Auf dem


The surroundings, the kennel with its dog hall and breeding

facilities, and, of course, my Border Collies were inspected by our

Veterinary Authorities and found good. Further to this, I am licensed to

breed and trade with dogs.  A business registration was granted as well –

sounds awful but is necessary to mention.

My original hobby expanded a little more, and everything must be

legally organized in this country.


I have been breeding Border Collies since 1994, with lots of fun and success

- and, in the meantime – lots of experience as well.


Presently, there are 12 mature Border Collies of various ages and all shades of coat romping on my premises.


I’d be happy to hear from you and will be glad to take time out for you.

If I am too busy, I’ll call you back.


"Fotos von den aktuellen Wüfen":          I placed here brand new  pictures of our current puppies, and I’ll try and keep you posted with new pictures so you can watch the further development of our puppies. Male means “Rüde” , female “Hündin”

Just click on “Fotos” and get started.

My son and his girlfriend with the puppies